Sutai Muay Thai

Located between Phuket’s Surin and Bangtao beaches, Sutai Muay Thai is set in an idyllic vacation spot.  The area is sort of a marriage of contrasts:  the lively Surin of yesteryear (now more serene and nearly in its natural state) and Bangtao’s still vibrant ancestral industries (seamlessly blending with modern luxuries).

SutaiSutai, a typical kai muay, holds two classes everyday except Sundays.  An optional run marks the kickoff of the training followed by the usual skipping and stretching, with the whole prep easily clocking one hour before hitting some shadow work.  Depending on the number of students, you may be called to either do heavy bag or pad work first.  Personally, I prefer pads then bag while I am still kinda fresh, but it is not how things roll all the time.  I guess one just has to suck it up! Then goes clinching and/or sparring.  Oops, not done yet! Conditioning drills to finish off.  Depends … more heavy bag work and/or bodyweight exercises.

Sutai 2Mostly, it was kru Thor who held pads for me.  We must have connected through Rawai Muay Thai.  Apparently, he was a former trainer – Rawai beach days.  Kru Thor would still refer to his former boss as pi Tuk.  Laudable!  I felt good for Tuk and Diana (our Rawai family) that a former staff spoke highly of them.

I did not get to share the ring with my daughter.  I thought she might find the class a little too intense for her liking.  Not a negative; it is just an issue of perfect match.  Anyway, she misses her favorite and only kru Lun of Rawai.

Yes, we owe our Rawai family a visit.  We landed at Surin-Bangtao for the beaches, primarily.  Sutai was great, but we should head to Khao Lak next!

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