The Coaches

The Coaches is a new kid on the Hong Kong Muay Thai block.  Nestled in one of the region’s four rings, Wan Chai, The Coaches offers a fifth ring led by krus Dum (Rajadamnern champion) and Ta (was not able to get his stats).  Both of whom are from the famed Sitsongpeenong Muay Thai Camp, Bangkok.img_4821

Characteristic of a Muay Thai-crazed newbie, a busy schedule will deter all but the most determined si sib sam Filipino lover of the art.  Thanks to the Hong Kong tram for the Central-Wan Chai shuttle.  How convenient.

To describe a typical session:  warm-up, 100 skip knees, pad work, 60 speed kicks, 60 skip knees, bag work, and conditioning work.  Ko pun krap!

Kru Dum was heavy into technique and drilling them before flowing as he called the shots.  Kru Ta, on the other hand, got me busy with fundamentals then almost went freestyle.  Quite a tag team.  “Wonderful,” as kru Dum puts it.

Pleasure, The Coaches!

Sitpinyo III

img_4836‘Took another work-related quick visit to Hong Kong last December 2016, and it would not have been worthwhile if not for a side trip to Mainslit Building, Stanley Street.  I reckon that it is something that only authentic Muay Thai-crazed individuals will appreciate.  Well, as the saying goes, “once you go Thai, you will never go back.”  Cannot go wrong with either Lumpinee or Rajadamnern.

January 2017, though, I could only pop in to touch base and watch kru Tam’s Lumpinee championship fight clips (from his phone) when he was still with 13 Coins.  Does the name Saenchai ring a bell?  Sitpinyo rings it!