Sitpinyo II

Kru Singsarawat (Tam) of StipinyoHong Kong used to be a popular shopping terminus for Chinese luxury shoppers; not anymore?  My own impression could be expressed in similar fashion:  terminus (only) minus the shopping!

For my daughter’s mid-term break, my wife treated us to a third Hong Kong trip this year.  I could not complain.  Having missed Sitmonchai last month (and Rawai next month) due to mononucleosis, Sitpinyo‘s the next best thing outside of Thailand.


The day after we arrived in HKSAR, I was dehydratedly hitting pads with krus Johnny (Rajadamnern champion, remember him?) and Tam (3x Lumpinee champion), and doing bag work with “the” Gary.

Back in the day, kru Tam (Singsarawat) actually fought kru Sakmongkol (of WKO).  When you have been privileged to have had the opportunity to work with both.  I know the eagerness may sound crazy, but real Muay Thai is insanely infectious.

While my current level of conditioning may not be ready yet for Thailand’s two hour grinds twice a day, I am good for a two hour flight and a tram ride.  December?