IMG_3757From Pattaya, next stop was FSG (Bangkok) to reconnect with the spirits.  As is well known, Fighting Spirit Gym is eerily situated right in the middle of a cemetery.  Kidding aside, the intent was to go back to my roots and gauge progress.

Big Dan and Stan are no longer connected with the gym.  Apparently, they unloaded.  Anyway, kru Art and the rest of the group are still there.  Same, same (as they say in Thailand) but somewhat different.

This time around, I was ready for kru Art’s paces.  Training did not get easier, I just managed to get a touch better.  Rounds are down to three minutes from four which is still pretty decent.  Take a dip and then tell me if less is less.  The heat and humidity of Bangkok, FSG’sIMG_3756 location in particular, is overpowering.

For someone young enough to be my son, I appreciate the dynamism of kru Art when it comes to pad holding and the insistence of the need to do things a certain way.  Kru Tak has his way too, Thai style:  learn by doing.  Like when Thai kids begin fighting, most of the education is in the ring, during actual fights.

When in Silom-Sathorn, checkout FSG.  You might not get to clinch nor spar, unless you buddy up, but you will get to smash pads.

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