IMG_3252Another short trip to Hong Kong  (May 2016) got me thinking about a new Muay Thai and fitness facility on Stanley Street, Central:  Sitpinyo.  After a couple of message exchanges, I was able to make a 12:15PM reservation.

The lunchtime schedule lasted about 45 minutes.  With two trainers, Gary (owner and ex-fighter) and Johnny (Thai kru and Rajadamnern Stadium champion), leading a small group of 4 clients, it was quite personal.  Training densitywise, we got ample pad work (alternated between rounds of bag work), not a measly run through.  Good!

Credit to both Gary and Johnny for breaking the pace every so often (during shadow/bag/pad work) and putting in one’s two cents to correct technique.  I knew coming in, having tried other Hong Kong gyms before, it would be more of a conditioning workout (nothing wrong here, just different individual training preferences).  In spite of the relative short duration, it was not all wham bam thank you ma’am.     

“I’ll be back,” as Arnold Schwarzenegger would say.