Super Muay Thai

roundhouseWhat was my second choice in Hong Kong turned out to be a lucky pick.  I am glad to have braved the chilly breeze (February 2016) all the way to Yau Ma Tei, even without prior reservations.

While not exactly a Thailand model (like Santichai Fitness), Super Muay Thai‘s training structure, under the circumstances, is remarkable.

Super Muay Thai is run by kru Mohn (Thai trainer with over 200 fights) and his Chinese wife.  The atmosphere is very friendly, and the gym is equipped and tidy.

Shadow boxing and bag work, both addressed the needs of beginners who are trying to learn technique and intermediate/advanced practitioners brushing up their fundamentals.

As another Hong Kong gym catering to the fitness market, the session blended a lot of conditioning drills, maybe not much to my liking but it kept the participants going.  Still, a welcome addition to my Muay Thaiteep experience.

Pad work under the supervision of a Thai kru rarely goes wrong, based on my novice experience.  I was assigned a skilled and passionate one, kru Kon.  After feeling the first few minutes of the round and slipping (too anxious), the exchange was harmonic.  Well, except for my 42 y/o body’s conditioning that never finds Muay Thai undemanding; I cannot seem to be good enough at it to train like a Thai and compete.  Am I that raggedy old?

Anyway, when in Hong Kong, Yau Ma Tei would be a good stop for (Super) Muay Thai!  From the MTR station, exit A1.

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