Rawai Muay Thai II

Padu Rawai Muay ThaiI got to do a Rawai Muay Thai round two (October 2015) as planned.  Same as before, I camped with my wife and daughter in tow.  The whole experience has now become a family affair for us.

I did mostly privates and a couple of classes.  My private sessions were juggled between krus Lemsing and Padu, a selection process based on prior group class engagements.  Had I stayed longer, I would have added to the mix a couple more krus.  Substancewise, privates are difficult to beat; however, a group setting brings in a different energy level (from camaraderie), combined technique and conditioning work, and discipline (brought about by Rawai’s well-thought-out structure).  Get the best of everything by doing both!

Lun Rawai Muay ThaiNothing new for my daughter.  Her daily grind involved slugging it out with her favorite trainer, kru Lun.  My daughter is quite happy with the way the art of Muay Thai is being passed on to her.  It will be hard to fill Lun’s shoes now that we are back home.

As usual, only good things to say about Rawai Muay Thai, Khao Lak.  Next camp will definitely be a longer one!

(The photo on the left captures my daughter’s session with kru Lun.  The former is now getting the hang of throwing a low kick, among other techniques.  Much work to be done still.)


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